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Feeling good about YOU is the most important thing you can do FOR EVERYONE in your life right now.

Today I just want to share with you 10 ways that you can feel good about yourself each and every day.

Let go of perfection

The need to have everything completely perfect causes stress and procrastination.  Done trumps perfection every time.  It’s time to learn that good enough is good enough.

Stop Comparing Yourself

I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again.  Comparison is the mother of disappointment.  You are not comparing like with like; you have all your flaws in your head and are seeing just the surface of those you compare yourself with. You don’t know what their journey was to get here and what sacrifices they made along the way.  Just compare today’s you with yesterday’s and plan to grow a little each day.

Ask your good friends to describe your good points with just 3 adjectives

Sometimes we overlook the good things about us because we take them for granted.  I recently asked my partner to tell me what made me a good business woman for a questionnaire I was taking.  Some of the things he came up with were so totally true but I’d never realised them because I take them for granted.  Remember to tell them you are looking for your good points, though.  No-one likes to be told they are always late and never remember birthdays!

CoupleSpend time with people who support and uplift you

We’ve all known that friend who’s always going through a crisis or the Facebook acquaintance who only posts negativity and doom. When a true friend is having a tough time then of course you need to be there for them but avoid too much contact with the ones who are never happy. Hide posts from negative people and actively seek out other positive and supportive communities and people. Identify the friends who always look on the bright side, cheer you on in your endeavours and love to be positive.  Spend the bulk of your time with people like that and you’ll help each other through the positive energy you generate.

 Make a list of your blessings

When you understand how lucky you really are in life it seems easier to become luckier and happier.  Make a list of all the things you have and put it somewhere you can look at it on a daily basis. I don’t mean an insurance inventory either.  I mean things like health, family, sunshine, eduation, freedom and the like!

Make a list of the things you do on a daily basis that enhance the lives of others.

These could include things you do for your children that make them smile or make them happy, ways in which you serve your clients that makes a real difference to them or charities you help.  Maybe it’s just a smile for an old lady you pass on the school run each day.  You may think they are small things but you really do make a difference.

Stand in a power pose for a minute

Remember Wonder Woman and that ‘legs apart, hands on hips’ stance she had?  Stand like that for a minute and you’ll instantly feel more confident, more energised and ready to take on the world.  Don’t believe me?  Google ‘Amy Cuddy TED talk’ and see why.


Never underestimate the power of taking a few minutes out to reconnect with your thoughts, slow down and breathe.  There are many ways to meditate, you can find guided meditation apps for your smartphone, background music and visuals or mantras on You Tube or you can just set a timer and sit quietly, focusing on your breathing and allowing the thoughts to fly in and out without paying them any attention.

Don’t take anything personally

Sometimes people can be negative about or towards you and sometimes they can be hurtful. What people say to you is simply a reflection of how they feel about themselves. If you remember that, it makes it so much easier to ignore the naysayers, the negative comments and the hurtful remarks.  Because none of it is about you.

Talk it through

Learning how to be positive, happy and the best ‘you’ possible can take work and extra support.  Sometimes life gets in the way and it can be really helpful to have someone completely on your side and with no agenda to bounce ideas off and to support you. If you think that would help you, then I have openings for one to one coaching at the moment. Take a look at the masterclass below to see if you’re ready to make some changes to feel good about yourself everyday.