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So, once you’ve realised the importance of self care and taking time out for yourself.  What kinds of things can you do?  I’ve put together a list of ideas (by no means exhaustive) ranging from ideas that can be done in 10 minutes to things you can do for a whole day!

Enjoy and please share your own ideas in the comments.

10 minute self-care

  1. Meditate.  Either with your own thoughts or a guided meditation Mp3.  Use crystals, mantra or just your breathing. Just DO it!
  2. Read a chapter of your book. Personal growth or trashy fiction – it doesn’t matter.
  3. Walk around the block.
  4. Dance for 10 minutes to your favourite tracks.
  5. Take a long shower.

30 minute self-care

  1. Take a walk.
  2. Read for half an hour.
  3. Phone a friend.
  4. Have a nap.
  5. Paint your nails / use a facemask.

1-2 hours self care

  1. Get a massage / pedicure / manicure.
  2. Meet a friend for coffee.
  3. Have a bubble bath.
  4. Have a night out with friends.
  5. Create a home spa and indulge yourself.

Whole day self care

  1. Go hiking or rambling – alone or with a friend.
  2. Book yourself a spa day with treatments.
  3. Have a duvet day, relax, drink tea, read and nap.
  4. Spend a day in a different city or area, go to a museum, have lunch out, explore.

If you want to take self care to a new level you might be interested in my webinar How to Get Ready to Change Your Life. It’s all about taking back time for you. Click on the image below and get the details of how to watch.  Then find yourself half an hour somewhere and a cuppa and relax…