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[Edit:¬† This is a few years old now, I’m older than 40 but it’s still relevant ūüėČ )

So… following my birthday on Tuesday when I turned 40, I thought it would be a great idea to give you a list of 40 things that EVERY mum needs to know. ¬†I’ve grouped them into Mum things, Business /career things, Relationship¬†things and Personal things. It’s a list of some of the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the last 40 years and the lessons I’ve learned. ¬†Enjoy xoxo

Mum Things

  1. Your kids love you,¬†no matter how many times you say, ‘in a minute, when I’ve sent this email’
  2. It’s ok to want to wee on your own
  3. When your kids help you out you’re spending time together and teaching them valuable lessons about work ethic
  4. Whatever choices you make about parenting there’ll always be plenty of people desperate to tell you you’re doing it wrong – don’t listen!
  5. It’s easy to lose your identity if you’re not careful but it’s ok to work hard to retain it
  6. Sometimes it’s hard to like your kids but¬†that’s ok as long as you still love them
  7. Mum friends are the best
  8. It never gets easier – it just gets ‘different’
  9. Your job is to help and support your kids Рwhoever they are as people
  10. As hard as it is to be a mum – it’s the best thing you’ll ever do ūüėÄ

Growth things

  1. Progress is not a straight line
  2. Selfish is good
  3. Let go of your ego
  4. Be who you are and the right people will resonate with you
  5. It’s ok to earn money for doing what you love
  6. Be curious about your behaviour, your motives, your thoughts and your emotions
  7. Network and collaborate with like minded people
  8. There are no competitors – you are unique
  9. Mindset is queen

Relationship Things

  1. Spend time apart as well as together
  2. Listen more than you talk
  3. Good relationships evolve
  4. Love isn’t enough, you have to have friendship, respect and much, much more
  5. Keep a sense of humour
  6. Sex is great but intimacy is better
  7. You don’t need loads in common as long as you respect your differences
  8. Change is good
  9. Kids will test your relationship, from sleepless nights to teenage angst and beyond
  10. Never settle

Personal Things

  1. Good friends pop up when you least expect them – and the length of time you’ve known someone isn’t related to how good a friend they are.
  2. It’s ok to ask for help
  3. You can only be a good mum, wife, business owner if you are taking care of yourself
  4. Reality and truth are just a story that you tell yourself – tell yourself the stories that will empower you
  5. It’s ok to cry
  6. Your weight / height / dress size / car says nothing about who you are, what you’re worth or what you stand for
  7. You don’t need to be popular, you need to stay true to yourself
  8. Saying sorry doesn’t make you weak
  9. We all make mistakes – and that’s ok

As a mum you are multifaceted¬†and it’s not always easy to¬†keep each area separate – and nor should you. ¬†Learning to integrate all your different responsibilities can be stressful and tricky but you don’t have to do it alone.

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