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Busy times can be really difficult to navigate.

It’s exactly the times when you feel too busy that you need to create time to relax. Meditation is great for this but if you’re not a fan or you haven’t found your perfect way to meditate then it can feel like another chore.

So, I’ve put together 5 ‘non meditation-y’ ways to meditate and take 5 minutes when it all feels a bit too much.

Sit on a chair with your feet on the floor and your hands on your lap. Set a timer for a length of time – if you’re a complete novice start with 1 minute. Do nothing other than focus on your breath, noticing but not forcing the in and the out.
Make a cup of coffee or tea. Sit looking out of a window, maybe into the garden or into the street. Do nothing other than notice what is in your view as you drink your drink. Focus on what you can see in your view and what you can feel as you drink. 5 minutes is plenty.
Pop your coat on (and scarf / hat / gloves if you need to). Walk around the block, or if you can’t leave the kids on their own, round the garden couple of times. Breath in the outside air and just focus on what you can see, hear and feel.
Get your earphones out, pop on your favourite relaxing or feel good song, sing along or just listen to the words, sit, lie or dance if you feel inclined.
Have a shower. As you do, imagine the water simply washing away all the stresses and stressors that you’re feeling. Imagine them all running away down the drain and leaving you feeling refreshed.

And if you fancy having a go at something a bit more like a traditional meditation you can always drop me a message by comenting below or at the Get in touch page and I’ll send you a guided meditation.