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I’m Rachel and I’m guessing, since you’re here, you want to know all about me!

I’m pretty much an open book and I’m happy to answer any questions you might have but since you’re here…

 Earl➡️ I’m 46 and I’ve still not happy at being ‘over 40’
➡️ I’m a mum to 3 teenage girls 😕 1 of whom is Autistic
➡️ My tipple of choice is a Margherita
➡️ I used to be a serial dieter
➡️ I got married after being with my partner for 20 years 👰 (I had to make sure 😂)
➡️ I’m a sci-fi geek but I also love Rom Coms
➡️ I’m more at peace with my body now than I ever have been before – even though I’m a size 18
➡️ I’m a Yorkshire lass (and proud) and have never lived further south than Leeds.
➡️ I’m good at languages but don’t like to travel
➡️ I can play the piano
➡️ I drink coffee in the mornings and tea after 12 ~ my favourite is Redbush Earl Grey
➡️ I’m very sensitive and I cry often
➡️ I’m tough and resilient and use my skills and therapies to work on myself all the time

What’s far more important is what have I learned and how can I use that to help you? Because that’s why you’re here – you’d like me to help you.

Well I’m here to light the way, help you to find out how you can shine your light in the world and transform yourself into the best, most raw version of you. 

I’m also a cheerleader, a teacher, a business coach and a great listener.

Why not get in touch with me, if only for a virtual cuppa and a natter. 

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