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Beautiful Swans Facebook page competition rules and eligibility

These are the terms and conditions for competitions run on the Beautiful Swans facebook page

  1. Competitions are run by Fraznium Ltd, registered in England and Wales, trading as Beautiful Swans ( and (
  2. Competition start and end dates will be clearly stated on the relevant competition post
  3. Prize and value will be clearly stated on the relevant competition post
  4. All contestants will be assigned a number in chronological order of their entry and a winner will be randomly generated using those numbers.  The relevant contestant will be notified through Facebook in a reply to their comment of their winning status.
  5. Entry is by comment on the competition post.
  6. Prizes must be claimed within 1 month of winning or in the case of course membership within one week of the  start of the next round of the course.
  7. Entrants must be over 18
  8. Entrants must reside in UK, USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand.
  9. Entrants may only enter each competition once
  10. Entrants may not attempt to influence the results and any attempt to do so will result in disqualification.