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This week has been a tough working week.

I always struggle with long weekends and holidays finding it hard to get back down to work but this week has been particularly tough.

Why? Because I was tired.

I’m not telling you for sympathy (the fault is entirely mine – burning the candle at both ends over the bank holiday weekend) or because I think I have it worse than you but to illustrate just how important getting enough sleep is.

Due to a lack of sleep this week I have

  • Found everyday situations stressful
  • Missed out on my daily self care rituals
  • Felt tearful
  • Had little motivation within my business
  • Been grumpy at home
  • Been impatient with the children

Not great when I’m usually Little Miss Sunshine!

So what changed?  I went for a walk in the rain today!

Not that I expected it to have such a profound effect but after realising that I needed to take control of the situation, yesterday I began to re-implement my self care routine.

Each day I

  • Do a 10 minute meditation before anyone else gets up.
  • Have a 15 minute coffee and book break after meditation and before waking everyone up.
  • Listen to feel good music and dance whilst I make breakfast.
  • Walk for 30 minutes after I drop the kids at school whilst listening to feel good music and observing and getting closer to nature.

Now, in the past if it’s been wet I have dropped the walking but this morning it was only spitting.  (Of course being in the North of England that guarantees nothing!)

Before I’d even got half way round it was truly chucking it down!  But as it was, Pharell Willliams was belting out his wonderful anthem ‘Happy’.

I felt like right there and then that the rain was washing away the stress, the grumpiness, the negativity and allowing me to really embrace happiness.

I remembered that HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE.

Happiness comes from within me, not from external factors and to some extent so does tiredness.

Today I have chosen to be happy and motivated.  I have chosen to be relaxed and happy and positive.

I have chosen gratitude and the attitude of a winner and not a victim.

I have raised my vibration and decided to vibrate with the universe and not against it and it is supporting me.

I don’t feel tired any more, I feel uplifted. (And I’ll be going to bed earlier this evening to make tomorrow even better).

Leave me a comment and let me know how you keep yourself positive when things start to go wrong.