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Do you feel guilty if you have time on your own?  Do you feel like you should be doing something with your children or your partner or do you relish the time on your own.  Having time to yourself or ‘me time’ is fundamental to every thing else you do and underpins the solution to everything you may want to solve in your life.

A bold claim?  No, I don’t think so.

Me time allows you to recharge your batteries.  It allows you to have space where no-one else is making demands of you and the great thing is that because it’s your time, you get to decide how you spend it and what you need from it.

For some people, it involves others.  You don’t have to spend all of it alone.  If you’re a natural extravert, that is, someone who gains their energy from external sources, then you’ll probably want to spend that time with friends.  If you’re an introvert, someone who draws energy from within and is drained by interaction, then you’ll want to be alone.

The biggest obstacle to ‘me time’ for women seems to be a perceived lack of time.  And yet we all have the same amount of time.  Every day and every week.  It’s all about where you choose to spend it and what your priorities are (Hint: taking care of you should be one of your main priorities).

What if I told you that in a recent survey I created, nearly half of the mums I spoke to said they were too busy or felt guilty and yet the other half were really good at creating the time.  The mums who made time for ‘me time’ didn’t have any fewer children or responsibilities necessarily, they just had a different outlook.

The mums who didn’t have ‘me time’ used phrases like ‘things conspire against us’ and ‘time goes nowhere’.  They shifted the responsibility for the time onto others.  Those who had ‘me time’ used words and phrases like ‘create’, ‘make time’  and ‘plan’.  They were actively taking responsibility for their time.

So, if you feel you’re struggling to find or create time for just you – without feeling guilty about it, what can you do?

Start small,  create 10 minutes to do something solely to light you up, at some point in the week.

Just 10 minutes.

Because once you realise the benefits of taking a little ‘me time’ you’ll start to want to incorporate it more and more.

If you want something to help or focus you in your 10 minute ‘me time’ this week then don’t forget to download your guided meditation.