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You heard the one about Facebook being full of negativity? I’m not buying it.

Really, you say? But we’re in the middle of a pandemic, just left the EU, Black Lives Matter protests, women being murdered by the police… you could go on and on.

Yep. I’m aware of all that. I’m fully aware  of it. But here’s the thing. I don’t get sucked down the rabbit hole of following every article, commenting on friends’ posts and spending hours of my life on social media worrying  about it.

Social media is criticised for it’s ability to learn stuff about you all the time. But you can actually use  it to your advantage. If you teach it what you want to know about, it will show you more of that.

(While we’re on that, if you’re turning cookies off left right and centre or turning off the tracking facilities, that’s why it’s showing you weird and wonderful adverts for things you’d never use in a month of Sundays. It’s designed to be helpful – don’t @ me with your conspiracy theories).

Anyhoo… back to the point. Last week ‘Line of Duty’ was all over  my newsfeed.  Over and over again. Do you know why? Because I clicked on all the articles that kept coming up. I was interested in it and Facebook knew that.

I also see lots of stuff about mental health because it interests me and I click on the links when they’re shown. I see a lot of BBC comedy, business pages I follow, posts from good friends and family because I interact with them. Oh… and stuff about Lucifer 😉

But I don’t see the stuff about *whispers* Covid or Brexit or the things that bring me down. It’s how I maintain my mental health, positive outlook and resilience. I curate my feed!

And the really great thing is that it’s really easy to do it. All you need to do, is stop clicking on the negative stuff and even unfollow if you need to. If it’s a friend you’re unfollowing, you can choose to do it temporarily, just to get out of the cycle.

Choose  what you  want to see. If you start to see more positive posts, you can react, click or comment on them and that will tell Facebook to start showing you more of the good stuff.

I dare you to give it a go for the next 7 days. Unfollow or don’t click to the negative stuff and make an effort to interact with the fun, positive stuff and see how it changes your feed and  your mood.



PS It works for all your other Social Media too.

Rachel is a serial entrepreneur, supporter, leader and head pom pom waver at Women Who Shine. Devoted to helping you to recognise and step into your power, so that you can liberate those around you to step into theirs. She’s a mum of 3 teens, one with Autism, has a job as a mental health professional and has dedicated 15 years to supporting, cheerleading and generally celebrating women. She’s doing the best she can, with what she’s got, is definitely not perfect nor is she striving to be. She loves coffee and Rooibos tea and a good chinwag – so do get in touch!