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I know that it’s easy for me to talk about online programmes and to know what I mean.  And I sometimes forget that for you, it’s not that obvious and you may not have ever purchased an online programme before.

So I thought I’d pop in and tell you exactly what I mean when I say ‘online programme’ and exactly what it  means for you.

I run my courses through a course platform called ‘Thinkific’. All that really means is that another website holds the content of the course, so that you can securely log in and work through the materials.  No one else knows you’re there apart from me and only I know how far you’ve got with the modules.

You can work through the modules at your own pace.  In each module there are workbooks and journals for you to print out, videos of the classes and hypnosis Mp3s that you can listen to there & then or download for later. It’s really simple to navigate and works on mobile, ipod, laptop or desktop – the images below are taken on mobile but it looks the same on all of them.

Then there’s the Facebook group. This is optional but is there for you as a resource. It’s where I’ll teach the live classes, once a week but I’ll also record them and add them into the course platform too. You can ask questions, comment on the videos and get support from me and the other group members in here.

It’s designed to be supportive and not a burden. And all my course groups are closed, so that you can be sure that confidentiality is maintained.

An online course will usually have a set date to run, so the support element will run for that length of time and then the group will generally be archived.  That means that all the information is still there for you but no one will be adding any new information after a set period.


And finally, there is email accountability, which means that once a week you will email me telling me about how you’ve progressed over the week as well as what you’ve struggled with and what you need help with.  This is the most important bit, because you need to know that you are taking action.  Even if you’ve struggled with making time for the course, I can help you explore and move forward on that too.

These courses have a time limit on my support and group support but you will always have access to the course materials on the course platform.

My signature programme Beautiful Swans is open for enrollment now, if you’d like to find out more details about the course then click the image below

And if you still have questions you can always request a call with me here.