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Optimise Your Life and Optimise Your Business!

  • Does life feel overwhelming right now?
  • Do you feel like a slave to your business?
  • Does the idea of a job on the checkout at your local supermarket feel appealing because at least you’d get a break every now and then and wouldn’t need to think about it all day, every day?

You started your own business because you wanted to be in control, to do something for yourself and to have flexibility.

Maybe you wanted to work around your kids and have more time to spend with them but the reality is that every time they need you the answer you hear coming out of your mouth is ‘just a minute’ or ‘hang on whilst I just send this email’.

You wanted the freedom to work on your terms, do the hours you wanted and take time off when you needed to but the reality is you’re spending every waking hour you have working and you feel guilty for even taking a lunch break, never mind watching a class assembly, taking someone to a medical appointment or even just going for a walk.

Your plan was a work/life balance without having to justify it to anyone else but really your work/life balance is more out of whack than ever and you never get a day off, in fact you don’t even have an annual leave entitlement – I mean, this was supposed to be the ultimate in flexibility, right?


You’ve created a monster of a job and an even worse monster of a boss.

I mean, if you were working for someone else your hours, your lack of time off, your non-existent lunch breaks and the fact that you are so obviously heading for total burnout would be illegal. And your boss wouldn’t be retaining many staff. 

 But here you are, still cracking the whip, insisting that you work harder, work longer hours and making sure that you never get a break. 

Well I’m here to tell you it has to STOP!

Hola! Hi! Bienvenue!

My name is Rachel Swann and my mission is to help you prioritise your own wellbeing so that you have the energy and confidence to excel in your business and your life.

My passion is supporting you in putting yourself back on the priority list and recognising that your ‘go-go-go’ lifestyle is bad for you, bad for business and bad for everyone around you. I want you to be purposeful about your down time so that it recharges you, rather than draining you.

For 10 years I’ve been helping women take care of themselves, put their needs back on the priority list and be the best version of themselves they can be. I’ve also been self employed in a variety of ways for the last 20 years, so I’ve made all the mistakes and I know what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

On top of that, I’m a coach, hypnotherapist and a mental health professional so your wellbeing is in safe hands. 

To sum it up, I’m here to support you to optimise the biggest asset in your business (that’s you by the way) and I have various tools in my toolkit that make that process easy, enjoyable and, dare I say, actually FUN!  


You see, this mentality of more work, more hours, no breaks isn’t even effective. Whilst you think that the answer to creating more clients is simply to put more hours in, work harder, put out more stuff onto social media, write more blogs and spend more hours on Canva it’s not!  The hustle seems to be glorified in the online entrepreneur space but the reality is that this is keep you stuck, keeping your business small and leaving you depleted and riding the wave of burn out.  

You’re already working as hard as you can and it’s not helping you create the success you want and it’s not helping you, your relationship, your kids or anyone else for that matter – especially not your clients and customers. 💡 Doing more of that which isn’t working is going to create more of what isn’t working?!

You’re so exhausted you can’t support anyone effectively and it’s highly likely to be negatively impacting your bottom line.

 Say what?!


That’s right, your lack of down time, your incessant working and your constant treadmill is actually not going to bring you more customers and it might even be pushing them away

Constant exhaustion means underwhelming content, with the energetic pull of desperation, so the stuff you’re writing on your blog and your socials isn’t really hitting the mark.

How can you attract your perfect clients if your message isn’t hitting them in all the right places? You can’t, you simply end up with clients and customers who drain you, if you end up attracting any at all. 

So what do you need to do about it?

 You need a BREAK! You need to look at how you’re spending your time and energy and start planning ways to use it purposefully, in order to boost your energy AND create more impact and ultimately more sales in your business.

You need to optimise yourself and in turn optimise your business.

That’s why I’ve put together this 4 week programme to totally turn around your wellbeing, your energy and how you show up in your business and for your clients! By joining me in this programme we can reduce the number of hours you work, boost your energy levels, attract more clients and boost your bottom line:

✔️ No more working late into the evenings and all weekend

✔️ No more skipping lunches

✔️ No more guilt about leaving your desk

✔️ No more guilt around spending all your time on your business at the expense of your kids and your relationship 

✔️ No more crappy clients that drain you

✔️ No more thinking you should just get a job!

Week 1

Here’s where we’re going to create a habit. We’re going to look at all the things you’re doing at the moment in your business and in your life and the beliefs you have around what you need to do and be to be successful. We’ll look at what needs to change in order for you to start to feel less stressed out and more in control of your life and more successful in your business. We’ll start creating new habits, new beliefs and new ideas in order to move you forwards.


You’ll receive a BONUS Mp3 Hypnosis recording to help you solidify your new habits

Week 3

This is the week we look at the importance of sleep. Good sleep is arguably the most important thing you need for your health and it certainly supports you in your day to day work. Whether you’re struggling with sleep due to kids, stress, peri menopause or any other reason, we’ll talk about good sleep hygiene, troubleshoot any problems or issues you have and talk about why sleep is so important. 


You’ll receive a BONUS gift including a beautiful aromatherapy blend to help you get a great night’s sleep every night. 

Week 2

We’re going to look at how this works for YOU! No two people are the same, so we need to find out what kinds of activities optimise you and what lights you up. What’s going to support you in building a habit that gives you energy and takes care of you on a regular basis? Then we’ll look at how this fits into your day, where can you be purposeful about the activities that you do and where can you fit them into your working day. 


You’ll receive a BONUS productivity planner to ensure you have an adequate balance of work, family and play!

Week 4

This week I’m going to introduce you to the one habit that I believe you need to reduce stress, build a sense of calm and that you can do almost anywhere, any time. This is the one technique that will increase your productivity and focus, help you reduce the amount of time you spend working and support you whilst you’re actively practising it and when you’re not! 


You’ll receive a BONUS gift of an Mp3 guiding you through a  luxurious self massage using uplifting essential oils.

2 Pay option (£147)

Pay in two equal installments 28 days apart
£73.50/every 28 days
  • Lifetime access starting today
  • Get your bonuses delivered in 7-10 days
  • Start using your Mp3s today!
What's the time commitment?

This is down to you. There’s a live class each week and I’ll be encouraging you to look at your time and really focus on using it purposefully and well. This is going to revolutionise HOW you spend your time and though it will feel scary, the aim is to open things up so that your life feels more purposeful and more spacious. 

What if I don't have time right now?

If you don’t have time right now, then this is exactly when you need it the most. We are looking at how to manage your time and use it well to keep you well. It’s a paradox but this is what you need to untangle yourself and give you more time in your life.

Do I have to attend the classes live?

Nope. Although I encourage you to do one a week and be involved in the course in real time. You’ll access the classes in Facebook and have access to them for as long as you want, so you can revisit whenever you like. You’ll also be able to download your bonuses and keep them wherever suits you best.

What if I'm thrown a curveball?

Life is full of ups and downs. You’ll always be thrown curveballs. No one is going to have 4 weeks of uninterupted time. This course is all about navigating life in all of it’s curveball-y messy glory. Bring your issues to the group and I’ll help you navigate it. 

Do I need to be motivated?

No. You need to be open. 

You need to realise that you’re here because you’ve recognised something isn’t working and needs to change and you need to be open to my help and my suggestions.  I’m going to challenge you but if you trust me, I’m going to help you improve your life!

What will other people think?

I know I used to worry that my famkily would think I should be working 9-5 or that I shouldn’t be going for long walks in the middle of the day.

I’ve got over worrying about what ‘other people’ think for 3 reasons:

  1. Quite often ‘other people’ aren’t really thinking about you at all and it’s all a projection of your fears, onto them. I once asked my husband if he judged me for the days when I networked in the park in the middle of the day and went for a run during ‘work hours’ and he said it hadn’t really occured to him at all. Yet, I felt loads of pressure because he was always at his desk. (Spoiler: he wasn’t always working either but often watching You Tube and playing games).
  2. Other people aren’t living my life. They don’t have the same needs, wants, desires and beliefs as me and that’s ok. The people that matter are supportive, offer suggestions or an alternative point of view and let me make my own decisions about my life. Everyone else needs to go do their own work, before they judge me!
  3. Maybe if I give myself permission to work smarter and take care of my needs so that my business thrives, other people will see that, be inspired and feel that they also have permission to do the same. I’m starting a radical movement laughing
Can I count it as a business expense?

YES! This is learning and development. We’ll be touching on beliefs, mindset and productivity in the programme – all hugely beneficial to your business AS WELL AS the more personal aspects of the programme. 

All of it is designed to boost your business and help you feel more confident, more creative, more succesful and more attractive to your customers. 

But I'm too busy in my business

I know that you beleive that but I’m here to challenge you. 

Busy isn’t a badge of honour, it’s a sign that something needs to change. You CAN build a successful business without working all hours and if you want to scale and grow, there are only so many hours in the day, so you need to learn to be smart about it. 

Why work with me? 

Here’s what other people say about working with me. 

Thank you so much, Rachel, for your support, gentle nature and compassion; you are a fabulous coach and therapist.


I have no hesitation in recommending Rachel’s skills and can’t praise her highly enough. Working with Rachel has been a really great investment on a personal level.


Rachel has a gift for listening and making you feel heard. She is very supportive and nurturing.


 To recap:

Right now, you’re hustling and working like there’s no tomorrow and in all honesty you’re headed for burnout.

You know that something’s not working but in your head you just think you’re not working hard enough.


The answer is being purposeful about your time, nurturing your energy and attracting the right people to your business and you do that by taking care of yourself.

I’m going to teach you how to do that, how to build small pockets of self care into your week and show you the difference it makes to your business and your life when you optimise yourself and your business.

Are you in?

2 Pay option (£147)

Pay in two equal installments 28 days apart
£73.50/every 28 days
  • Lifetime access starting today
  • Get your bonuses delivered in 7-10 days
  • Start using your Mp3s today!