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I’ve found working with Rachel hugely rewarding both in terms of coaching and hypnotherapy. She is immensely approachable and understanding and I have found her very easy to talk to. She continues to make committed effort to find strategies that work for me and to get to know my issues better.

Our work so far with hypnotherapy for weight-loss has encouraged me to examine in a different way my attitudes to food and eating, and begin to discover more accurately where my problems lie. Rachel has been hugely accommodating in terms of time and flexibility, and both the short and long recordings have proved valuable for fitting in at different times. I plan to continue with this long-term to achieve the results I want.

The coaching has helped me to deal with all sorts of everyday problems and deal with various issue and situations I was finding stressful or difficult. Rachel has a huge number of practical techniques that are easy to remember and use and I have been hugely impressed by the results. I continue to use these myself and to try to adopt her measured approach to view things more clearly: these continue to provide me with a happier, calmer and more confident approach to life.

I have no hesitation in recommending Rachel’s skills and can’t praise her highly enough.