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I wasn’t in a good place when I came to Beautiful Swans. I just hated myself and had a chaotic relationship with food.
Having just completed the twelve week course, I am in a much better frame of mind and thanks to Rachel’s guidance and support, I now have the tools I need to move forward and I feel as if my mind and body are no longer battling against each other.
The program is not a quick fix but it’s about taking some time to look inwards, to re-evaluate your relationship with food and yourself and it’s whole ethos is something that you can take with you through life.
Rachel has been in the same situation as many people that go to her and knew exactly where I was  coming from. Her support and tools included on the program such as workbooks and journals were invaluable in helping me see where I needed to make changes. I will continue to use them to make sure I am keeping the momentum up.
I see Beautiful Swans as one of the most important investments in myself that I have ever made. I’m learning to be a friend to myself and I am honestly so glad I did it. Thank you Rachel