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Rachel has a gift for listening attentively and making you feel heard and then getting to the core of the issue very quickly. She has enabled me to see things much more clearly and has made me feel more powerful and in control as she always reminds me that I have a choice in any situation.

After years of over eating and a poor body image, Rachel helped me to realise that my core issue was my inability to trust my"Rachel has a gift for listening attentively and making you feel heard" body’s natural hunger signals. I’ve since learnt to tune into both my hunger and satisfaction levels, and also to listen to what my body is telling me to eat. I now enjoy my meals and I leave the table feeling good instead of bloated and unhappy.

Rachel also taught me that one of the main reasons I struggled with my weight was my inability to put my needs before any one else’s; so not making time for a walk or taking a proper lunch break.Rachel helped me to realise that taking care of ME was very important and it would lead to me being better able to take care of my family.

I really enjoyed working with Rachel. Her approach is authentic and practical but also inspirational.  

I would recommend Rachel to anyone who is suffering alone with poor body image or a lack of confidence. She will show you a better way to live, which will ultimately lead to a happier outlook on your life.